AIROD Aerospace Technology is an approved maintenance organisation under the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) including approvals from United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and a number of other countries aviation authority approvals. These approvals are granted in recognition of our competencies and values for both cost and quality.

Current AIROD Aerospace Technology approvals are as follows:

  1. FAA United States of America (33AY686Y)
  2. EASA (145.0620)
  3. DCA Malaysia (AO/0222/12)
  4. DGCA Indonesia (145/886)
  5. CAA Vietnam
  6. DGCA India (5-2221/2013-A1(2)
  7. DCA Myanmar (025/2013)
  8. DCA Bermuda (BDA/AMO/459)
  9. DCA Thailand (189/2539)
  10. Nigerian CAA (AMO/9M/AAT)
  11. CAA Cayman Islands (162-CAY-AMO-2014)