Aircraft Maintenance


AAe facilities consist of more than 520,826 sq. ft. of production, logistics, administration, and back shop floor space. Available ramp space for relevant operational requirements exceeds 409,369 sq. ft., which can accommodate up to fifteen B737s.

AAe has access to the main taxiway and runway via two subsidiary taxiways on the northern (‘L’) and southern (‘M’) ends of Wide Body Hangar No. 75. The Subang Airport (WMSA) is designated as an ICAO certified Category I, Instrument Landing System (ILS) equipped airport of continuous, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, operation. The runways, connecting taxiways and parking areas are certified capable of handling aircraft of B747-400 size and weight.

Performs Base Maintenance, Inspection, Modification, Refurbishment, Corrosion Control/Repair, Operational Checks, Crash Damage Repair for the following aircraft types:

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